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Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Service

This program is designed to prepare men and woman for active ministry either as lay-leaders in the local church or as a support personnel in a Christian School.

The Associate of Arts degree is a 67-credit- hour program that requires the following minimums: Degree Emphasis, 15 hours; Bible and Theology, 21 hours; General Education, 28 hours; and Ministry Preparation, 3 hours.

Program Outcomes

Through the Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Service program, IBCS seeks to prepare ministers who will apply their love for God and for mankind through a life-long commitment to learn, minister, disciple, and lead others in the field of their calling.

Department Head

Dr. Jerry Tetreau
Dr. Jerry TetreauEducation, General Education
Dr. Jerry Tetreau has played an integral role in the development and advancement of IBCS. He received his B.A. from Bob Jones University, M.A. from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Ed.S. from Pensacola Christian College, and Ph.D. from California Graduate School of Theology. Throughout his time here at IBCS he has served as the Academic Dean, Vice President, President, and is currently the Chancellor.


Program Rotation

At least 15 hours of Degree Emphasis Requirement courses must be completed in a particular field of Christian service. The student should consult his or her advisor regarding the choice of specific courses.


Course # Name of Course Hours
BI 102 or TH 103 Hermeneutics or Dispensationalism 2
BI 111 Pentateuch 2
BI 122 Life of Christ 2
BI 212 Old Testament Historical Books 2
BI 221 Acts 2
TH 101 The Theology of God and Man 2
TH 102 The Theology of Sin and Salvation 2
TH 201 The Theology of the Bible, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit 3
TH 202 The Theology of Angels, the Church, and Last Things 3
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1


Course # Name of Course Hours
EN 101 English Grammar and Composition 3
EN 102 English Composition 3
HI 101 or HI 102 History of Civilization 1 or 2 3
HI 211 or HI 212 Baptist History 1 Or Baptist History 2 2
MA 101 or MA 201 or MA 203 College Math or Business Math or Calculus 3
OR 101 College Success 1
PH 201 or PH 231 Introduction to Philosophy or Comparative Religions 3
SC 102 or SC 103 or SC 201 Introduction to Life Science or Introduction to Physical Science or Fundamentals of Nutrition 4
SO 201 Research Methods 3
SP 101  Fundamentals of Speech 1  3


Student Spotlight

Jeremy Sheldon

Jeremy Sheldon

“Since graduating from IBCS in 2016, I have been involved in my church in many different ways. I also love camp ministry and am looking forward to this next summer when I will be the Assistant Director of Treasure Mountain Bible Camp in Marble, Colorado. I am able to use the tools that I learned at IBCS in almost everything I do. My personal devotions, preparing for a message or a speaking event, singing a special, organizing my time, using critical thinking, running the Junior Department at camp, and discipling those around me all require the valuable training that I received at IBCS.”

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