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Students attend chapel as part of their Christian service responsibilities and as an integral part of their Christian education. Chapel meets three days a week and is kept “hot” by the faculty, staff, and guest speakers of the College. Many well-known preachers come to speak at International Baptist College and Seminary.

Chapel Schedule

Date Speaker/Event
Wed, Jan 25 Pastor Ken Endean
Thu, Jan 26 Pastor Nathan Mestler
Fri, Jan 27 Mr. Jeff Caupp
Wed, Feb 1 Pastor Ken Endean
Thur, Feb 2 Dr. Wayne Bley
Fri, Feb 3 Dr. Jerry Tetreau
Wed, Feb 8 Evangelist Will Galkin
Thur, Feb 9 Evangelist Will Galkin
Fri, Feb 10 Evangelist Will Galkin
Wed, Feb 15 TBD
Thur, Feb 16 Pastor Ken Endean
Fri, Feb 17 Dr. Les Heinze
Wed, Feb 22 Pastor Ken Endean
Thur, Feb 23 TBD
Fri, Feb 24 Friend Day Chapel: Pastor Greg Kaminski
Wed, Mar 1 Pastor Ken Endean
Thur, Mar 2 TBD
Fri, Mar 3 Pastor Keith Gephart