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International Students

This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. Foreign applicants must verify their academic credentials. Please contact the IBCS Admissions Office or the IBCS Registrar for more information.

In addition to this requirement, all foreign applicants must also demonstrate proficiency in the English language. Applicants should be prepared to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). When registering for the TOEFL, please use IBCS’s school code: B592. Passing Total Scores on the TOEFL Exam are as follows:

Internet Score: 76
Computer Score: 207
Paper Score: 543

Passing the TOEFL Exam is one indicator of academic preparedness. It is not the sole source to determine adequate educational preparedness.

The Department of Homeland Security requires a current Form I-20 to verify that the applicant has sufficient financial resources to pay for the cost of travel, living expenses, and education in the United States; this form is also required for a visa. Those persons admitted to the United States on a student visa are required by law to be registered as full-time students.

Before an application will be submitted for acceptance, all forms must be completed and returned to IBCS. These documents become the property of IBCS. After careful study of the applicant’s file by the admissions committee, the applicant will receive an official notice of his or her status of admittance and be provided with further information.