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Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Business Leadership

The IBCS Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Business Leadership gives students the skills and abilities necessary for business, challenges them to a life of biblical integrity and ethics, and calls them to Christ-like Servant Leadership.

These Servant‐leaders will learn how to make decisions, build teams, innovate, and work with integrity. The B.A. in Bible and Business Leadership at IBCS prepares them not only to understand the complex cultural, social, and organizational issues that confront leaders today, but also to engage and to handle the issues in practical, Christ‐honoring ways.

In order to finish the 130-credit- hour degree in four years it is recommended that all enrolled in the program complete approximately 17-18 credit hours each Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer semesters.

Program Outcomes

Through the B.A. in Bible and Business Leadership program, IBCS seeks to:

  1. Instill knowledge, discernment, and wisdom so that the IBCS student may be able to critically read, write, and reason within a culturally and philosophically diverse society.
  2. Cultivate a genuine love for God and mankind through a dependent relationship with the Holy Spirit that demonstrates itself by living and ministering like Christ daily.
  3. Prepare disciples to be theologically committed and culturally conversant while engaging, evangelizing, and educating others.
  4. Disciple Christian business leaders who:
    a. Exemplify biblical integrity.
    b. Manage with economical, sociological, and spiritual adeptness.
    c. Lead as wise, compassionate, and humble servants within their chosen work environment.

Department Head

Pastor Daniel Olson
Pastor Daniel Olson
Pastor Dan Olson grew up at Tri-City Baptist Church and graduated from Tri-City Christian Academy (1982). He served as an Air Force Traffic Controller for 30 years and reached the rank of Chief (E-9). Pastor Dan has an MBA and has served in England, Turkey, Qatar, Iraq, Croatia, Alaska, and Japan as well as in the U.S. He is currently working on his Doctorate of Business Administration.


Program Rotation

Course # Name of Course Hours
BU 101 Servant Leadership 1 3
BU 102 Statistics with SPSS and Excel 3
BU 111 Introduction to Business 3
BU 201 Servant Leadership 2 3
BU 202 Strategic Planning 3
BU 211 Survey of Management 3
BU 301 Servant Leadership 3 3
BU 302 Business Law 3
BU 304 Organizational Behavior 3
BU 311 Introduction to Marketing 3
BU 313 Introduction to Accounting 3
BU 401 Servant Leadership 4 3
BU 403 Survey of Economics 3
BU 405 Business Finance 3
BU 411 Business and the Base of the Pyramid 3
BU 422 Senior Capstone 3


Course # Name of Course Hours
BI 102 Hermeneutics 2
BI 111 Pentateuch 2
BI 122 Life of Christ 2
BI 212 Old Testament Historical Books 2
BI 221 Acts 2
TH 101 Theology of God and Man 2
TH 102 Theology of Sin and Salvation 2
TH 103 Dispensationalism 2
TH 201 Theology of the Bible, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit 3
TH 202 Theology of Angels, the Church, and Last Things 3
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1
Approved Bible/Theology Electives 6


Course # Name of Course Hours
EN 101 English Grammar and Composition 3
EN 102 English Composition 3
EN 211 or EN 212 British Literature or American Literature 3
HI 101 History of Civilization 1 3
HI 102 History of Civilization 2 3
HI 211 Baptist History 1 2
HI 212 Baptist History 2 2
MA 203 Calculus 3
OR 101 College Success 1
PH 201 or PH 231 Introduction to Philosophy or Comparative Religions 3
PS 201 or SO 301 General Psychology or Introduction to Sociology 3
SC 102 or SC 103 Introduction to Life Science or Introduction to Physical Science 4
SC 201 Fundamentals of Nutrition 4
SO 201 Research Methods 3
SP 101  Fundamentals of Speech 1  3


Course # Name of Course Hours
PR 111 Personal Evangelism 1
PR 113 Discipleship 1
PR 151 or PR 152 Mentoring and Leadership or The Biblical Follower 1
HI 332 History of American Fundamentalism 2


Course # Name of Course Hours
Approved Electives 4


Student Spotlight

Clayton Caupp

Clayton Caupp

“Since coming to IBCS, I have worked as an intern at Templeton Financial Services and as an employee at Chick-fil- a. I have also been able to be a part of different activities on campus such as the Christmas Celebration, Lessons and Carols, Camp team, Ministry Team, Ushering, and the Logistics team for our small group. While being at IBCS has allowed me to branch out to different ministries, I have been able to apply what I am learning directly to business. I have used the knowledge gained in economics and organizational behavior to understand some of the current political and international issues.”

Your Future

Potential Careers Include:

  • Business Administrator
  • Financial Executive
  • Ministry Director

International Baptist Seminary

Many of our graduates continue their education at International Baptist Seminary. We offer degrees in: