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Master of Arts in Ministry

The M.A.Min. is designed to prepare Christian servants for expanded opportunities and enhanced effectiveness in the local church and related ministry endeavors.

It consists of 12 credits of core requirements that emphasize fundamentals of Biblical interpretation and effective Biblical communication. Eighteen credits of approved electives give the student the flexibility to acquire a deeper preparation in one or more areas of knowledge and practice. Through proper management of electives, the M.A. Min. can make up a little under one-third of the requirements for the Master of Divinity degree.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the M.A.Min., the successful student will:

  1. Recognize and articulate theological values according to a thoroughly biblical and historically Baptistic position.
  2. Communicate biblical truth clearly and effectively, whether in print or in speech.
  3. Develop relevant answers to current ministry problems and issues.
  4. Serve and lead in the local church with administrative, relational, and spiritual adeptness.

Department Head

Dr. David Shumate
Dr. David Shumate
Dr. David Shumate came to know the Lord while in Harvard Law School through the witness of a Christian classmate. He felt the call to full-time ministry and after finishing his law degree, attended Bob Jones Seminary earning his M.Div. and Ph.D. With 15 years of assistant pastoral experience, he became the general director of Mexican Gospel Mission in 2005. He currently serves as the Seminary Dean.

Program Rotation

Course # Name of Course Hours
BI 512 Advanced Hermeneutics 2
EN 620 Research and Writing 1
PR 671 Expository Preaching 2
PR 672 Homiletics – Presentation & Delivery 2
PS 500 Theology of Counseling 2
TH 523 Baptist Polity 2
TH 532 Dispensationalism 2
Approved Electives 18
Capstone Exam 1


Student Spotlight

Randy Hernandez

Randy Hernandez

I received my B.A. in Bible and Christian Service in 2007 and my Master of Arts in Ministry in 2016 from International Baptist College & Seminary. IBCS sharpened and equipped me in many areas including Christ-like character, biblical discernment, and the wrapping weight of the responsibility of ministry in love. It has prepared me to be the hands and feet of Christ to the Hispanic community while loving, guiding, teaching, and leading our Spanish group by example for God’s glory.”

Your Future

Potential Careers Include:

  • Church Administrator
  • Chaplain
  • Evangelist
  • Missionary
  • Pastor

Ministry Focus

Tri-City Baptist Church and other local churches provide International Baptist College with a variety of opportunities to gain ministry experience. Music students can be personally mentored by an experienced music pastor while serving in a children’s choir, adult choir, or church orchestra. Tri-City Christian Academy’s large enrollment allows education majors to do their observation and student teaching on campus.