Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Teacher Education

The Bachelor’s degree in Bible with an emphasis in Teacher Education is designed for students who wish to complete a four-year program. Degree requirements are specific to an Elementary Emphasis, a 135-hour program, or a Secondary Emphasis, a 133-hour program. The program consists of classroom instruction and practical experience: observing experienced teachers, receiving apprenticeship training, and practice teaching. The Teacher Education program at IBCS is primarily concerned with preparing teachers to teach in the Christian school community.

Program Outcomes

Through the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Teacher Education program, IBCS seeks to:

  1. Instill knowledge, discernment, and wisdom so that the IBCS student may be able to critically read, write, and reason within a culturally and philosophically diverse society.
  2. Cultivate a genuine love for God and mankind through a dependent relationship with the Holy Spirit that demonstrates itself by living and ministering like Christ daily.
  3. Prepare disciples to be theologically committed and culturally conversant while engaging, evangelizing, and educating others.
  4. Train theologically and socially aware educators who possess a Christocentric worldview, demonstrable skills in curriculum and methods, an understanding of diverse learning environments, adaptable classroom expertise, and recognized credentials to train others also.

Department Head

Sandra Fullmer
Sandra FullmerEducation
Miss Sandra Fullmer is the Teacher Education Department Head. She has been teaching at IBCS for 35 years and has 50 years of teaching experience. Many students have been mentored and inspired by Miss Fullmer.



Elementary Education – This program prepares students to teach and minister at the elementary academic level.

Secondary Education – This program prepares students to teach and minister at the junior and senior high academic levels.