Mentoring for Ministry

We prepare students for a life of effective local church ministry through a mentorship-based emphasis on head, heart, and hands.


Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Service

Purposeful Mentorship

"Mentoring" isn’t just something we say. It's at the heart of what makes IBCS truly special. Because of our smaller size, students find an open door with their professors (and even with our President!) to build meaningful relationships that offer support, guidance and spiritual counsel. You'll often see students conversing with their mentors about how to do ministry, discern God's direction in their lives, and take the next step in their spiritual walk. By fostering these friendships with people who truly know them, their mentors become catalysts for character growth, leadership development, and strengthened faith.
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Local Church Practice

Local church ministry stands as a cornerstone at IBCS. We believe that every student should be active in ministry now, where they are, applying on Sunday what they learn from the classroom during the week. We connect every student to a church family for opportunities in preaching, teaching, music and children's work to give them hands-on learning and real-world experience.
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I believe what makes IBCS unique is the relationship that the students have with their professors.

FLORENTYNA OSORO - Master of Christian Education

Accredited & Academically-Rich Programs

The college experience should not only challenge students spiritually but also academically. Every program is designed to expand a student's knowledge of God's Word while rigorously developing the skills and practical competencies they need to serve the Lord with excellence. All of our programs are accredited with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), and audited regularly to ensure we maintain a rigorous educational standard. 
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& Financial Aid

In addition to being one of the more affordable Christian colleges, IBCS has a dedicated group of financial aid advisors who assist students and their families in identifying the best federal grants, applicable institutional scholarships, and student loan options. 
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of students who request financial aid receive it
among the top 15 most affordable Bible colleges
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Ministry Focused, Robust Degree Programs

Whether you're currently in the ministry or planning to go into ministry, IBCS offers both online (Masters) and residential degree programs that combine academic rigor with a strong emphasis on practical ministry application in the local church.

We have students taking classes who are in ministry or going into ministry. Our programs are focused on learning how to practice solid Bible exegesis and then good theological application. 

DR. DAVID SHUMATE - Faculty Member

A Close-knit Student Body,
Focused on Serving the Lord

At IBCS, we seek to foster an environment where a student's faith can grow and where they can develop uplifting friendships with peers and professors that will last a lifetime. United around their common faith in Christ and dedication to a consecrated life, it's normal to see students conversing about what they have been learning in God's Word, serving together in off-campus outreach opportunities, playing soccer together or singing around a campfire after hiking the beautiful Arizona terrain that surrounds our campus.

"We really want to see our students grow and develop to be who God made them to be, finding their identity in Him, and being ready to serve Him in whatever capacity He's called them to."

SUSANNAH DORNAN - Faculty Member
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Diverse Opportunities for Outreach & Spiritual Growth

Outreach Opportunities

Engaging with the community around us is an important way to develop the necessary skills and confidence for sharing the Good News of the gospel. As part of their training, IBCS connects students with a variety of community outreach initiatives that extend classroom learning to real-world practical experiences alongside their mentors. Whether through partnerships with local churches, local volunteer programs, campus evangelism outreaches, or mission trips, IBCS provides avenues for students to actively impact lives by sharing their faith.
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Spiritual Growth

A life of fruitful ministry always flows out of a vibrant, personal walk with God and diligent study of the Scriptures. We place a significant emphasis on nurturing spiritual growth in every student, providing opportunities to deepen their faith through regular chapel services, Bible studies, and theology classes. In our mentoring, we focus on applying scripture to life’s circum
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"One of my favorite opportunities here is being able to go to the local university and do evangelism and being able to reach some of those students for the Gospel."

GRANT HAGUE - Bible and Christian Services Student
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