Ministry Teams

The IBCS Ministry Teams provide a unique opportunity for students to serve in ministry. Team members develop the flexibility to serve in a variety of church situations—large and small, urban and rural. Teams minister in various geographical areas, interact with different age groups, and serve in multiple aspects of church ministries, Christian schools, and Christian camps. They impact souls not only through their programs, but also by the personal interaction that results from those situations. The ministry teams offer a unique opportunity to meet young people who have a heartbeat for what IBCS has to offer and to recruit like-minded individuals for the college. The teams demonstrate the value of an education that presents a Biblical worldview and develops a passion for ministry. This emphasis promotes all Christian colleges, not just IBCS.

Students learn that ministering for the Lord does not end when the service concludes, but continues as they stay in homes. They also learn the vital lesson that ministry is not only accomplished when they feel rested and refreshed, but often takes place in times of weakness, exhaustion, and uncertainty. They learn that they must rely on the Lord and serve in the power of the Holy Spirit. The students who travel also benefit from the fellowship they have with other team members, where together they can seek to grow spiritually and edify one another as they develop life-long friendships. They come to realize that the heart of ministry is heart-felt service to the Lord Jesus Christ.