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Dr. Michael Sproul Board Chairman
Pastor Ken Endean Chief Executive Officer, President
Dr. Jerry Tetreau Chancellor
Mr. Matt Eberle Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Wayne Bley Chief Academic Officer
Dr. David Shumate Graduate Academic Officer
Mrs. Lauren Brady Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Dr. Keith Huhta IBCS@W Liaison
Mr. Jeff Caupp Dean of Students
Mrs. Marcia Gammon Dean of Women
Mrs. Rebecca Stertzbach Registrar
Mr. Lee Will Media Center Director
Mrs. Jane Bushey Financial Aid Administrator


Mrs. Rebecca Stertzbach Executive Assistant, Office Manager
Mrs. Andrea Peña Admissions Counselor, Ladies’ Residence Hall Supervisor
Mr. Stephen Peña IT Support, Men’s Residence Hall Supervisor
Mrs. Jeana Kamp Administrative Assistant
Mr. George Binoka Graduate Assistant
Miss Heather Braswell Admissions Assistant
Mrs. Elisabeth Tjepkema Director of Food Services

Full-Time Faculty

Dr. Larry Ball Bible, Theology, Pastoral Studies
Dr. Michael Bryson Music
Mr. Jeffrey Caupp Bible, Theology
Dr. Craig Freed Education
Miss Sandy Fullmer Education
Pastor Nathan Mestler Bible, Greek, Theology
Pastor Daniel Olson Business
Dr. David Shumate Bible, Hebrew, Theology
Dr. Wayne Bley Bible, Pastoral Studies
Pastor David Stertzbach II Music

Part-Time Faculty

Mr. Dennis Bischoff Science
Mrs. Pamela Bischoff Science
Mrs. Lauren Brady Business, Sociology
Mrs. Susannah Dornan Education, English
Mr. Jeff Johnson Business, Law
Mr. David Korecki Bible
Pastor Jason McDonnell Biblical Languages

Department Heads

Dr. Larry Ball Doctor of Ministry
Mr. Jeffrey Caupp General Education
Dr. Craig Freed Master of Education
Miss Sandy Fullmer B.A. in Bible and Teacher Education
Pastor Nathan Mestler B.A. in Bible and Christian Service
Pastor Daniel Olson B.A. in Bible and Business Leadership 
Dr. David Shumate Master of Arts in Ministry, Master of Divinity
Dr. Michael Bryson B.A. in Bible and Church Music
Dr. Jerry Tetreau Associate of Arts in Bible and Christian Service


Dr. William Senn Adjunct Professor
Dr. Keith Huhta Adjunct Professor
Dr. Kevin Schaal  Professor
Dr. David Shumate  Department Head
Dr. Michael Sproul  Professor
Dr. Jerry Tetreau  Professor
Dr. Charles McClain  Adjunct Professor
Dr. Larry Oats  Adjunct Professor
Dr. Gerald Priest  Adjunct Professor
Dr. Craig Freed  Department Head