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Master of Christian Education

Do you want to know how you can approach every subject from a Biblical perspective? This program is designed to help you develop a Biblical philosophy of education and learn tools to apply these principles in real classroom settings.


Shaping and Sharpening with Truth

“A great teacher is not simply one who imparts knowledge to his students, but one who awakens their interest in it and makes them eager to pursue it for themselves. He is a spark plug, not a fuel-pipe.”

– M.J. Berrill

You might be looking at the Master of Christian Education degree as your final degree. Or perhaps you’re interested in continuing on for more advanced training. Either way, the M.C.Ed. provides you with the advanced professional preparation you need as a Christian school teacher, supervisor, or administrator. It’s a great next step to prepare you for further academic work in post-graduate research.

You will have opportunities to be mentored by faculty who have years of educational experience and can help you frame your teaching through a distinctively Christian worldview. You will also have the opportunity to brainstorm with fellow students and practitioners about classroom ideas and techniques. The M.C.Ed. can help prepare you to teach or help take your teaching to the next level.

Program Prerequisites

In order to be accepted into the Master of Christian Education program, there are certain prerequisites that must be met:

  • Admission to the M.C.Ed. program requires an approved bachelor’s degree.
  • IBCS expects you to have a background in education, administrational leadership, Bible, or Christian service. Your experience will be considered as well as your formal education.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Christian Education, you will be able to do the following:

  • Obtain a theological, historical, and philosophical foundation for Christian education.
  • Receive the body of professional knowledge necessary for Christian education.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership within a Christian school.
  • Understand the necessity of excellence and fostering a life-long learning philosophy.
  • Continue to strive to be more Christlike in your professional and personal life.

Future Ministry Opportunities

After learning in the classroom from professionals in education and experiencing on-site educational training in a location in the United States or even on the mission field, you’ll be ready to either engage students immediately or continue on for further training. Here are just a few ideas of the ministries that may await you:

  • Christian school teacher
  • Christian school administrator
  • Education within the church
  • Church homeschool co-op coordinator
  • Missionary
  • International or missionary teacher
  • Homeschooling teacher
  • Tutor

Program Requirements

Program Core Requirements
Course Hours
ED 515 History and Philosophy of American Education 3
ED 524 Curriculum Development 3
ED 535 Current Issues for the Christian Educator 2
ED 540 Advanced Tests and Measurements 3
ED 571 Action Research for the Classroom Teacher 3
ED 594 Technology in Education 3
ED 675 Directed Field Experience 3
EN 520 Christian Thesis Writing 1
PS 500 or
PR 501
Theology of Counseling or
Dynamics of Biblical Change
Approved Electives 10
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David Shumate, J.D., Ph.D.

Dr. David Shumate came to know the Lord while in Harvard Law School through the witness of a Christian classmate. After graduating from Harvard, he earned his M.Div. from Bob Jones Seminary. Currently he serves as the Academic Dean for both the undergraduate and graduate programs at IBCS.

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