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Evangelistic Outreach

Reaching people with the Gospel lies at the heart of our mission at IBCS. We focus on teaching practical ways to help students confidently share their faith.

We believe that the message of Jesus Christ is most impactful when shared beyond our campus, and we equip and mentor our students with the tools, knowledge, and passion to effectively engage in evangelism of the lost around us.

Sharing Faith with Purpose

Through intentional training and real-world experiences, we give our students the knowledge and training to boldly and compassionately share their faith, wherever God places them. Whether through organized events, community partnerships, or mission trips, IBCS students discover the joy of serving others through the effective sharing of the transformative power of the Gospel.

Engaging Communities with Compassion

IBCS students are not just academics; they become ambassadors of hope and transformation. With a strong emphasis on servant leadership, we encourage our students to engage with various individuals in our communities, listen to and discern their needs, and extend a helping hand while taking opportunities to minister to their souls. Through evangelistic outreaches like our weekly campus outreach to Arizona State University (ASU), students learn to communicate the message of the Gospel authentically and respectfully, fostering connections that go beyond words to create meaningful impact. Whether it's a conversation on a street corner, a collaborative effort with a local community organization, or a mission trip to a far-away place, our students are equipped to engage in evangelism with compassion and purpose wherever God places them. IBCS students not only develop greater confidence by stepping outside their comfort zones but they also contribute to God's Kingdom, one soul at a time.

Committing to a Lifetime of Impact

The spirit of evangelistic outreach cultivated at IBCS extends far beyond graduationit becomes a way of life. Our students graduate with a deepened understanding of the importance of sharing their faith and a commitment to continuing this transformative work in their careers, ministries, and family interactions. As our students embrace the call to evangelism, they learn to love and serve those in their communities with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.


“It's a burden of mine to share the gospel. And they have the opportunity given here for us to go out and do outreach at a campus where many have never even heard of Jesus.”

Grant Hague
Bible and Christian Service: Missions Emphasis Student

STUDENT Experience

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