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Transfer of Credit

Read the policy regarding the acceptance of transfer credits below.

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Credits taken at prior institutions may be accepted at IBCS as Transfer Credits. A student seeking to transfer credits must request that all schools involved send official transcripts directly to IBCS. These documents need to include a statement and/or represent good standing from the institution of prior attendance. There is a $10 transfer credit fee applied to the student’s account for the semester in which credits are transferred.

IBCS will accept credits awarded only by institutions of Higher Education, from military courses, standardized test scores (CLEP), and/or dual enrollment courses. Transcripts will be evaluated based upon the institution’s accreditation; the course number, contents, philosophy, outside requirements; and the student’s earned grade.

Credits can be transferred only for courses that are similar in scope and content to IBCS courses. In some cases, the transferred courses must also be similar in philosophical perspective, such as ministerial classes or missions classes. Courses from other institutions that are not similar to any courses in IBCS's curriculum may be transferred as electives.

Institutions transferring credits to IBCS must be accredited by an agency approved by the U.S. government or approved through IBCS administrative procedure. Only a portion of the total credits required to complete the desired IBCS degree can be transferred from another post-secondary entity.

All undergraduate courses transferred must have a minimum grade no lower than 71% (C-).

Courses transferred into the M.C.Ed. and D.Min. programs must have a minimum grade no lower than 74% (C). Courses transferred into the M.A.Min. and M.Div. programs must have a minimum grade of no lower than 71% (C-).

Students transferring into IBCS with a cumulative GPA of less than 2.00 will be placed on academic probation (see the Academic Probation and Satisfactory Academic Progress sections).

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