Purpose & Vision | IBCS

Purpose & Vision

We prepare students for a life of effective local church ministry through a mentorship-based emphasis on head, heart, and hands.



Through life-on-life mentorship, we inspire students to love the Lord, discern the Truth, and skillfully serve the church.



We multiply God-fearing leaders who champion the fundamental truths of God’s Word, evidence Holy Spirit-enabled, Christlike character, sustain a lifelong commitment to glorify God, and faithfully serve the church in the western United States and around the world.


Core Values

Fear God

Live for the pleasure of your Creator in unwavering allegiance to your Lord and Savior
(Ecclesiastes 12:13-14,
Acts 9:31).

Pursue Virtue

Follow the path of wisdom, being diligent to cultivate Godly character and exceptional skill
(Proverbs 2, 2 Peter 1:3-11).


Love Truth

Diligently discern, defend, and declare God’s truth as light to a chaotic world
(Psalm 111:2, Jude 3).


Serve Faithfully

Invest yourself in church ministry, always refining your gifts to best serve God and others
(1 Samuel 12:24, Mark 10:45).

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