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Chapel is integral to nurturing the faith of our students.

Chapel is a vital part of the campus experience. It is a focused time of preaching, prayer, and singing where the campus community comes together for spiritual enrichment and personal growth. Through worship, inspiring messages, and prayer, chapel creates an atmosphere that fosters a deeper love for God and reinforces what is learned in the classroom.

Chapel is more than a gathering; it's central to our unity in Christ.

Chapel at IBCS is more than just a routine event. It serves as a regular reminder that education is not solely about academic achievement but about cultivating character, deepening our spiritual walk, and nurturing a heart for service. This experience shapes our campus culture, provides instruction, and builds spiritual unity. Students, faculty, and staff unite to worship the Lord, explore theological truth, and reflect on their walks with God. Engaging sermons and thought-provoking discussions challenge us to examine our beliefs and explore how faith intersects with our studies, ministries, and spiritual lives. 

During this hour, relationships are strengthened, convictions are formed, and the flame of faith is kindled, ensuring that the educational journey is guided first by a steadfast commitment to and love for the Scriptures.


"When I came here, it was really refreshing to see how much God impacts how we do things."

Emma Bye
Secondary Education Student

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