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Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity degree is primarily for men who wish to serve in the senior pastorate or other positions requiring a similar level of spiritual and ministry leadership.


Ministers Teaching Ministers

The Master of Divinity degree is the anchor program of the Seminary. While the Master of Arts in Ministry degree gives you an overview of what you need to know for pastoral or evangelistic ministry, the M.Div. will provide you the advanced theological training to prepare you for multiple ministry settings. It will give you breadth and depth in studying the Bible, helping you to build a bridge between God’s revelation and practical ministry. You will become skilled in Biblical interpretation, theological reasoning, and practical application. Included in this 96-credit program are courses in Biblical languages; Biblical, historical, and systematic theology; and ministry philosophy and practice.

Program Prerequisites

An approved bachelor’s degree is required to be admitted into the M.Div. program. You will also need to show your readiness for Intermediate New Testament Greek either through the successful completion of Elementary Greek at the undergraduate or graduate level or through the successful completion of a proficiency exam that we will provide you. If neither of these options works for you, you may still be allowed to enroll in the M.Div.; however, you will need to remove the language deficiency within two years to remain in the program.

In addition, the New Testament teaches that pastoral leadership is the responsibility of men (1 Tim. 2:12; 1 Cor. 14:34). Because the Master of Divinity program is designed specifically to prepare men for the pastoral ministry or the equivalent level of leadership in Christian service, the Master of Divinity program is open only to male students.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Master of Divinity program, you will be able to do the following:

  • Integrate a personal love for God with an ever-expanding relationship with people.
  • Evidence a comprehensive understanding of the original message of the Bible through the application of legitimate hermeneutical principles.
  • Value a deeper knowledge of the historical development of Christian thought and practice.
  • Employ an expanded ability to relay and apply the Bible’s message to the modern audience.
  • Value the commitment to Biblically based separation.
  • Apply effective, Bible-based solutions to problems encountered in ministry leadership.
  • Construct a genuine concern for people through an understanding of human problems.

Future Ministry Opportunities

Along with vital ministry experience and mentoring, the M.Div. will prepare you for a wide range of ministry responsibilities the Lord may call you to fulfill. Some of these ministry opportunities include the following:

  • Senior or associate pastor   
  • Missionary or church planter
  • Evangelist 
  • Camp ministry leader
  • Military or community chaplain

Program Requirements

Additional Requirements
Course Hours
BI 501 New Testament Introduction 3
BI 512 Hermeneutics 2
BI 521 Old Testament Introduction 3
BI 530 Old Testament Exposition: Pentateuch 2
BI 532 Old Testament Exposition: Wisdom Books 2
Old Testament Book Study (elective) 2
New Testament Book Study (elective) 2
Course Hours
TH 501 New Testament Theology 3
TH 502 Old Testament Theology 3
TH 513 Historical Theology 3
TH 523 Baptist Polity 2
TH 532 Dispensationalism 2
TH 601 Prolegomena and Bibliology 2
TH 602 Trinitarianism 2
TH 603 Angelology, Ecclesiology, Eschatology 2
TH 604 Anthropology, Hamartiology, Soteriology 2
Course Hours
EN 620 Research and Writing 2
GK 603 Greek Syntax 2
GK 604 Greek Exegesis 2
HB 501 Hebrew Grammar 3
HB 502 Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis 3
Approved Greek Book Study Electives 6
Course Hours
HI 533 History of Fundamentalism 2
HI 535 History of Christianity 1 3
HI 536 History of Christianity 2 3
Course Hours
MI 513 Missions and the Church 2
PR 584 Biblical Leadership 2
PR 621 Pastoral Care 2
PR 652 Evangelism and Cross Cultural Issues 2
PR 653 Philosophy of Ministry 2
PR 671 Expository Preaching 2
PR 672 Homiletics – Presentation & Delivery 2
PS 500 Theology of Counseling 2
PS 501 Dynamics of Biblical Change 2
Approved Ministry Electives 4
Course Hours
EN 630 Capstone Project 1
Approved Electives 10
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Dr. David Shumate came to know the Lord while in Harvard Law School through the witness of a Christian classmate. After graduating from Harvard, he earned his M.Div. from Bob Jones Seminary. Currently he serves as the Academic Dean for both the undergraduate and graduate programs at IBCS.

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