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Certificate in Biblical Studies

IBCS offers the Certificate in Biblical Studies to interested individuals who, as God-fearing leaders, wish to increase their knowledge of the Bible, particularly in the areas of historical content, the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, and basic Christian Doctrine.

The Certificate in Biblical Studies program consists of 18 credit hours and is typically completed in one to two years.

Program Outcomes

Through the Certificate in Biblical Studies program, IBCS seeks to develop leaders who possess a knowledge and a love for God and who integrate a Biblical World-view into their daily decision making.  Students will:

  1. gain the assurance that the Word of God, when properly understood and applied, will move and change hearts of people,
  2. acquire biblical knowledge and theological understanding that will enable them to teach more accurately and minister more confidently for the Lord,
  3. develop an enlarged appreciation and understanding of the life and work of Jesus Christ, and
  4. enter the open door of lifelong learning in Bible and Theology.

Department Head

Dr. Jerry Tetreau
Dr. Jerry Tetreau
Dr. Jerry Tetreau has played an integral role in the development and advancement of IBCS. He received his B.A. from Bob Jones University, M.A. from Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Ed.S. from Pensacola Christian College, and Ph.D. from California Graduate School of Theology. Throughout his time here at IBCS he has served as the Academic Dean, Vice President, President, and is currently the Chancellor.


Program Rotation

Course # Name of Course Hours
BI 111 Pentateuch 2
BI 122 Life of Christ 2
BI 212 Old Testament Historical Books 2
BI 221 Acts 2
TH 101 The Theology of God and Man 2
TH 102 The Theology of Sin and Salvation 2
TH 201 The Theology of the Bible, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit 3
TH 202 The Theology of Angels, the Church, and Last Things 3


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