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Social Life & Community

Smaller Size, Closer Relationships

IBCS’s smaller size gives students a family-like, “home away from home” feel. Students get to know their peers and develop lasting friendships. Beyond the classroom, students have opportunities to work in local businesses, to serve in church ministries, and to enjoy food and activities together.

LIFE Teams

Each year, every student joins one of four LIFE teams where they can develop leadership and ministry skills. These teams create a Christ-honoring atmosphere of fun and laughs (L), experience the working of the Spirit with international missionary projects (I), enjoy building collegiality and fellowship among the student body (F), and coordinate quality, memorable events (E).

Events that bond and grow us in unity.

Labor Day Hike

Grab your backpack and water! Every Labor Day, students and staff gather for an optional hike in South Mountain Park, one of the largest city parks in the country, located just 20 minutes from the IBCS campus. The hike is enjoyed nearly as much as the hearty brunch served at a staff home afterward.

Missions Conference

Every fall, Tri-City Baptist Church, International Baptist Missions, and IBCS partner to host a missions conference, which features missionaries from around the world, in order to instill enthusiasm for global evangelization in students’ hearts. The internationally themed Missions Banquet is a highlight of this spiritually enriching week.

Annual Athletics Event

Students organize themselves into volleyball or softball teams and compete against one another for the honor of first place—for the time being.

Youth Conference

High school students from around the country land on campus for a couple of days to learn and grow. College students get to learn to host and help these youth as they pursue Christlikeness in their own lives

Lessons & Carols

Every Christmas, IBCS choirs and ensembles present sacred music and Scripture readings in the lobby of the church building. With glass walls and great acoustics, the room fills with friends and guests, making Lessons & Carols a unique outreach event as well as a high-quality fine arts program.

Spring Formal

The IBCS family enjoys fine dining and a special program in a banquet setting. Students enjoy this time with their friends—often one particularly special friend.

Grand Canyon Hike

Dozens of students and guests hike down into the Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, either to magnificent Plateau Point or all the way to the Colorado River. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!


The end of the scholastic year is an exciting time for graduates,friends, and family alike! Besides the commencement ceremony, complete with commencement address and testimonies, IBCS holds a special commencement concert in which many students participate. This weekend of capstone events honors the diligence of each student and the families, mentors, and friends who helped them succeed. 


"A student body is really helpful for growing and pushing each other to further know and understand God."

Emma Bye
Secondary Education Student

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