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FOCUS is a 20-credit program that you can complete in just one year. It is designed to personally mature you through practical classroom instruction while being immersed in a spiritual community of mentoring and discipleship. 


Uncertain about a 4-Year Degree?

During your FOCUS Year, you will take a total of 20 credits over 2 semesters. The academic load is crafted to help you ease into a college-level academic schedule. It is also customizable so that you can add to your course load or take advantage of employment opportunities outside of class. All of your FOCUS Year courses can be applied toward a two- or four-year degree if you decide to continue studying at IBCS. You’re welcome to add additional classes outside the Bible core, either auditing them for half price or taking them for credit at full tuition cost.

At $12,300 for the entire year including room and board, your FOCUS Year introduces you to serving in a local church and gives you a wide variety of ministry opportunities. This year will help you form a personal philosophy of ministry and practice, develop your leadership skills, grow you as a follower of Jesus Christ, and provide you with a community of spiritual relationships. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Through the FOCUS Year program, IBCS seeks to develop leaders who possess a knowledge of God, a deep love for Him, and who are able to use scriptural truth in their daily decisions.

Job Opportunities

With a lighter academic load, you can focus on developing your job skills and work experience. There are a variety of positions available both on and off campus, with Chandler’s booming business sector under constant expansion.

  • Develop your working skills.
  • Join our thriving job market.
  • Choose from a wide selection of job opportunities.

Co-curricular Ministry Opportunities

You don’t have to wait to graduate to get involved in church ministry and begin using your spiritual gifts. At IBCS, a variety of ministries engage our students and provide a breadth of experience outside of the classroom, both in church and in other kinds of ministries.

  • Children’s ministries
  • Youth ministry
  • Christian school ministries
  • Media ministry
  • Summer camp ministries
  • Pastoral internships
  • Chandler outreach ministries
  • Missions trips

Future Educational Opportunities

Future Ministry Opportunities

The goal of the FOCUS Year program is to equip you to serve effectively in whatever ministry the Lord has chosen for your future. Besides the personal enrichment and aid to your own study of God’s Word, here are just some of the ways you could minister:

  • Sunday School teacher
  • Discipleship leader
  • Deacon
  • Youth leader
  • Children's ministry worker
  • Church or Christian school support staff
  • Faithful Christian in secular employment

Program Requirements

Degree Emphasis
Course Hours
BI 102 Hermeneutics 2
BI 103 Dispensationalism 2
BI 202 Foundations of New Testament Themes 2
BI 203 Foundations of Old Testament Themes 3
TH 102 The Theology of Sin and Salvation 2
TH 111 The Theology of the Bible, God, and Man 3
TH 202 The Theology of Angels, the Church, and Last Things 2
TH 211 The Theology of Jesus and the Holy Spirit 2
2 ministry electives 2
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Scott serves at Tri-City Baptist Church as the Director of Mentoring and Recruitment at IBCS.

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