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Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Church Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Church Music program is designed to train leaders who serve and honor God through their involvement in music ministry. This program equips students for music-related careers by offering comprehensive musical education and practical ministry experience. Through a combination of classroom teaching, private lessons, group activities, and internships, students gain proficiency in music theory, history, hymnology, conducting, songleading, and performance on various instruments, including voice, piano, orchestral instruments, and composition. This program fosters well-rounded musicians with a strong foundation for effective church music leadership.

Type of Program
Undergraduate Programs
Credit Hours

122 credits
Transfer up to 92 credits


$6900 per semester

Registration Deadline

Fall Semester:
August 20, 2024
Spring Semester:
January 14, 2025

Bible and Church Music Classes

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What is the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Church Music like?

“Where God spends His grace, He invests His purpose.”

– Nathan Mestler

Are you interested in serving God with your music? Maybe you sing or play an instrument—or love music theory. Become an equipped leader who glorifies God through service in music ministry! The Bible and Church Music program includes classroom instruction, private lessons, large ensemble participation, and a music ministry internship to develop your skills in music.

For your principal instrument, you may choose any of the following: 

  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Voice
  • Composition
  • Any standard orchestral instrument

Program Learning Outcomes

Through the Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Church Music, IBCS seeks to:

  • Develop performance skill for technical fluency and expression in ministry.
  • Instill knowledge, discernment, and wisdom so that you may be able to critically read, write, and reason within a culturally and philosophically diverse society.
  • Cultivate a genuine love for God and mankind through a dependent relationship with the Holy Spirit that demonstrates itself by living and ministering like Christ daily.
  • Prepare disciples to be theologically committed and culturally conversant while engaging, evangelizing, and educating others.
  • Disciple Christian musicians who 
    • evaluate music from a broad-based knowledge of musical styles, literature, history, and theory.
    • communicate effectively a biblical approach to music in both personal and church life settings.
    • facilitate individual and corporate worship.

Co-curricular Ministry Opportunities

You don’t have to wait until after you graduate to get involved in church ministry. Not only are you required to participate in musical ensembles at IBCS for at least 6 semesters, but also you’re given ample opportunity for music ministry at Tri-City Baptist Church and other churches in the Valley.

  • Church choir
  • Church orchestra
  • String ensemble
  • Wind and brass ensembles
  • Offertories and special music solos and ensembles
  • Christmas and Easter programs
  • Music internship
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Peter Davis, Ph.D.

Dr. Peter Davis has earned master’s degrees in both Bible and music and has a Ph.D. in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Oklahoma – Norman. Dr. Davis has more than 30 years of teaching experience. He has a strong passion for training and mentoring musicians for the local church.

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