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Find out what you can do by adding a Missions Emphasis to your Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Christian Service degree.


About the Missions Emphasis

The Missions Emphasis is designed to challenge and equip students to carry out the Great Commission. Great emphasis is placed on establishing local, independent Baptist churches at home and abroad.

Students who are enrolled in our Missions program will develop a practical understanding of missions through mission survey trips, interact with missionaries in and out of the classroom, observe and participate in local church missions (especially the annual Missions Conference and various missions trips at Tri-City Baptist Church), learn in the classroom setting from active directors of mission boards and others experienced in missions, and explore the practical aspects of missions such as deputation, mission boards, and supporting churches.

Your Future

Potential careers you could pursue by earning a Bible and Christian Service degree with a Missions Empahsis include:

  • Bible Teacher
  • Camp Ministry Leader
  • Church Administrator
  • Church Planter
  • Evangelist
  • Missionary

Graduate Studies

Many of our graduates continue their education in the Graduate School and Seminary. We offer degrees in:

Program Requirements

Degree Emphasis
Bible and Theology
General Education
Ministry Preparation
General Electives
Course Hours
GK 201 Elementary Greek 1 4
GK 202 Elementary Greek 2 4
HI 332 History of American Fundamentalism 2
MI 212 A Survey of Modern Missions 2
MI 273 Missions Internship 3
MI 321 Principles and Methods of Missions 1 2
MI 322 Principles and Methods of Missions 2 2
MU 271 Church Music and Songleading 2
PR 321 Homiletics 1* 2
PR 322 Homiletics 2* 2
PS 412 Biblical Counseling 2
PS 423 Family and Marriage 2
SP 202 Oral Interpretation for Church Ministry 3

*Female students will substitute four credits of methods electives for homiletics.

Course Hours
BI 102 Hermeneutics 2
BI 103 Dispensationalism 2
BI 202 Foundations of New Testament Themes 2
BI 203 Foundations of Old Testament Themes 3
GK 301 Intermediate Greek 1 3
GK 302 Intermediate Greek 2 3
TH 102 The Theology of Sin and Salvation 2
TH 111 The Theology of the Bible, God, and Man 3
TH 202 The Theology of Angels, the Church, and Last Things 2
TH 211 The Theology of Jesus and the Holy Spirit 2
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1
TH S0_ Theology Seminar 1
--- Approved Bible/Theology Electives 13
Course Hours
EN 101 or
EN 103
Introduction to College English or
English Grammar and Composition
EN 102 or
EN 104
College Composition or
English Composition
EN elect Literature Elective 3
HI 101 History of Civilization 1 3
HI 102 History of Civilization 2 3
HI 211 Church History 2
HI 212 Baptist History and Distinctives 2
MA 201 or
MA 202
Business Math or
Personal Finance
OR 101 College Success 1
PH 201 Introduction to Philosophy 3
SC 201 Fundamentals of Nutrition 3
SP 101 Fundamentals of Speech 3
Course Hours
ED 103 Fundamentals of Church Education 1
ED 152 Foundations of Teaching and Learning 1
MI 104 A History of Global Missions 1
PH 231 World Religions 3
PR 114 Personal Evangelism and Discipleship 1
PR 153 Personal Media and the Christian 1
PR 154 Mentoring 1
Course Hours

At least 9 hours of general elective courses must be completed. The student should consult his or her advisor regarding the choice of specific courses.

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Kristopher Endean, Ph.D.

Kristopher Endean earned his Ph.D. in Theological Studies from BJU Seminary. He serves as the Bible Department Head, as well as our Dean of Students. Dr. Endean has a passion for conservative Biblical scholarship and the desire to see that training extended around the globe.

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