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Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is designed for pastors and church workers with a minimum of two years of ministry experience. The program schedule accommodates those in full-time ministry. The purpose of the D.Min. program is to provide professional and academic preparation for the highest level of leadership in Christian ministry.


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If you’re looking at the Doctor of Ministry degree, you’re likely interested in the highest level of academic preparation for teaching and leadership in Christian ministry. The program provides professional and academic preparation for pastors and church workers who have already had a minimum of two years of ministry experience. The program schedule purposefully accommodates those in full-time ministry.

Program Prerequisites

You must have an M.Div. or its equivalent to be admitted to the Doctor of Ministry program. Equivalency is defined as at least 96 semester hours of master’s level work (exclusive of a bachelor’s degree) in the various fields of religious studies. The subjects studied should include systematic theology, approximately equal emphasis on New Testament and Old Testament studies, six hours of graduate Greek, six hours of graduate Hebrew, New Testament and Old Testament introductions, Bible exposition, church history or related studies, and courses in pastoral theology. Of course, each applicant’s program is examined individually, and we’ll give you the opportunity to make up deficiencies before we grant you degree candidacy.

We require a GPA of 3.0 in your M.Div. program or equivalent coursework to admit you to the D.Min. program. You may be provisionally admitted with a GPA of 2.66; however, you would be admitted under academic probation. You would need to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress as judged by the administration to continue in the program and would need to achieve a GPA of 3.0 to graduate.

We also require that you have served at least two years in the active ministry since receiving your graduate degree and continue in the ministry during the time of your formal study. Any exception to this requirement must have administrative approval prior to acceptance into the program.

Finally, according to the New Testament, pastoral leadership is the responsibility of men (1 Tim. 2:12; 1 Cor. 14:34). Because the Doctor of Ministry program is designed to further equip men in the pastoral ministry or positions of equivalent leadership in Christian service, the Doctor of Ministry program is open only to male students.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Doctor of Ministry program, you will be able to do the following:

  • Value the communication of Biblical truth and the commitment to Biblically-based separation.
  • Evidence the ability to research, write, preach, and counsel from a Biblical perspective.
  • Integrate effective philosophies and procedures that facilitate both worship and discipleship within a local church.
  • Apply effective solutions for addressing complex issues within the realm of church administration and management.

Ministry Opportunities

Our desire and prayer for you is that you have served and will continue to serve for many years in the pastorate or other Christian service. May the tools you learn at IBCS equip you in your service for the Lord, and may you discover many fruitful years of ministry in His service, whether it’s as a pastor, an administrator, a teacher, a missionary, an evangelist, or another worker in God’s kingdom.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements
Course Hours
BI 730 Advanced Old Testament Exposition 3
BI 731 Advanced New Testament Exposition 3
PR 756 Great Commission Ministry: Issues and Practice 3
PR 773 Advanced Homiletics and Pedagogy 3
PR 783 Administration, Management, and Strategic Planning 3
PR 881 Advanced Biblical Leadership 3
PR 882 Selected Issues in Leadership 3
PS 714 Advanced Counseling: Theory, Practice, and Issues 3
TH 844 Worship and the Church 3
Dissertation Project 5*

*One credit per semester enrolled in the dissertation project for up to five semesters.

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