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5th and 6th Grade Christian School Teacher

Florentyna Osoro

“I believe what makes IBCS unique is the relationship that the students have with their professors.”

Equipped for the Classroom

It takes determination and resolve to complete an advanced degree. But to successfully complete your degree outside your native homeland? That carries a new level of courage and persistence that is genuinely admirable. And that is precisely what Florentyna Osoro did, graduating with her Master of Christian Education degree in 2023 from International Baptist College and Seminary.

Flo grew up in Kenya, Africa, far from the IBCS campus in Chandler, Arizona. As she got into high school, she knew she wanted to go to college but was uncertain how that was going to happen. Where could she attend and where would she get the money to pay for school? As God often does, He was already orchestrating a detailed plan for Flo that far exceeded her dreams and expectations. 

A family member had visited a church and came back to Kenya with some very exciting news: he had two scholarships for two young ladies to be able to attend a Bible college in Puerto Rico, and one of those scholarships was for Flo! A gift from God turned into five years of schooling, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Sign Language. 

But Flo knew this was simply the first stage of her ultimate goal of obtaining a master’s degree to further prepare her for a calling of teaching. The same family member who facilitated her scholarship also gave her good counsel in considering IBCS for her master’s degree work. IBCS? This was a school far from her family, but she and her husband prayed about the opportunity and one by one God put their puzzle pieces in place: a place to stay in the dorms, jobs on campus, and scholarships for each of them.

Flo and her husband fell in love with the school but more so with its people. Students and professors from all over the world provided an international setting that made Flo feel at home and gave her great peace that this was where God wanted her. 

The one-on-one investment by her professors and the individual mentoring that she received impacted Flo in tangible ways, both in her craft of teaching and her spiritual growth. “They truly care about you,” Flo recounts, “and they don’t just give you scholarships and then go away. No, they are there to help you succeed, to encourage you to accomplish the things that you believe God has called you to do.”

Flo was most impacted by her mentor, who was in charge of the education program. Flo appreciated her intentional investment as she became a valued friend to discuss classroom ideas or receive feedback on how Flo could be more effective in her instruction. Flo recalls how nervous she was before teaching a class, but she always knew her mentor was praying for her. “You’re going to be all right,” her mentor would say. “You’re going to be just fine.” Her guidance was invaluable. 

The master’s degree program at IBCS was so much more than simply being equipped in the classroom — it was a heart-level transformation for Flo. “I learned that I need to focus more on reaching the hearts of my students rather than just following rules. Rules are certainly important, but their hearts must be my primary focus. And I learned everything from a Christian point of view that gave me a better understanding of how God views me as a teacher.”

Flo is excited about the next stage of the journey that God is crafting for her. She believes IBCS has equipped her for life, not just a career, and appreciates the value of an education centered on Biblical principles. “You need to get a good education, but more importantly your education needs to be centered on a Christian perspective. I know that God loves me and wants me to learn so that I can go and teach other people about Him."

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